About  Me


My name is Titus Florence, and I am currently a Professional Indoor Football Player for the Illinois Knights located in Chicago in the Midwest Professional Indoor Football (MPIF) league. I also play for the Twin City Jets in the MSFL in Bloomington, IL. Furthermore, I am the linebacker and Strength & Conditioning Coach for Springfield High School, and an Independent Athletic Performance Coach. I provide personal training services at Powerworks Fitness in Chatham, IL. I graduated from Truman State University (TSU) with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science concentration in Human Biomechanics. Furthermore, I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist meaning I can train the normal population and people with health conditions. It is a certification that is beyond a Personal Training Certification due to the requirement of a degree.

 Upon graduating from TSU in May 2015, I was hired onto the Springfield High School Football program as the Wide Receiver Coach, and Strength & Conditioning Coordinator. Furthermore, I was employed by Planet Fitness as the Group Trainer. During my first year coaching, I had a freshman wide receiver earn all conference in the Central State 8 Conference. At Planet Fitness, I was training an average of 50 members a day from various levels of fitness. Now, I am an Independent Trainer, and offer services as a Personal Coach and Athletic Performance Coach at Powerworks Fitness in Chatham, IL.  

As of today, Springfield High School is currently in year two of a professional off-season strength & conditioning program. In the first year, we had zero season ending injuries and minimized common football injuries across all positions. This was due to the proper structure of a program designed to improve the players performance on the field as ATHLETES by increasing joint mobility and stability, learning proper lifting and movement techniques; and most importantly, developing their mentality to survive in the modern day gladiator sport by showing them what they can accomplish with their own body. I believe this year our upperclassmen athletes will excel from improved athleticism, as our underclassmen will develop physically, emotionally and mentally to be able to take over when the older athletes exit the program.

I began my quest as a coach in my teenage years (about 12 years ago) as I was training myself for high school football and basketball. I would pass on the knowledge I attained to other fellow athletes who were looking to improve their athletic abilities, as I learnt about weight lifting, jumping, sprinting, and other athletic movement techniques. I stayed up countless nights reading books and articles and watching videos of other Strength & Conditioning Coaches training their athletes to develop my own training philosophy to maximize my athletic potential.

In 2010, two years after graduating high school, I decided to use the information for myself, to walk on a collegiate football program; however, I needed guidance to help me get there with the correct mindset. I could not just be an athletic specimen to walk on an establish football program, the mentality is what going to separate me from the other players. I found a mentor by name of Jarrett Anderson who is a former professional football player and Harlon Hill Trophy winner in 1996 for Truman State University. With our combined knowledge, in 2012, I walked on to one of the highest winning Division II football programs in history TSU. I played linebacker there for 3 years converting from a safety. Even though I did not play football since 2008, with hard work, dedication, proper programming and proper mentor-ship I was able to accomplish a difficult feat.