Online Personal  Coaching 

The Trainer That Fits In Your Pocket

Live too far to receive my SUPERIOR training? I can assist you through our mobile Online Personal Training app.


So, whatever your goal is I got you!


If it is to improve speed, I have the plan to make you FAST!


Oh! You want to jump out of the building like LeBron James? Say no more. I have the program that will make your shoes turn into rocket boots.


Dealing with the small mass syndrome? Stop choking down on those protein shakes, and receive a COMPLETE program that will make the ladies quiver.


Ladies, you are not left out, work with me and I will get you the thighs and BOOTY that will make your current man jealous from the influx of men (or women) fighting for your BANGING body and confidence.


Based on your schedule

Workouts are scheduled based on your schedule without worrying about rescheduling with a personal trainer

custom nutrition guide

Diet plans don't work long-term, learn how to change your way of eating for your goals and lifestyle

Personalized training programs

Each training program is tailored to each individual needs. During sessions it also shows you how to perform the exercises correctly

Training that fits into a mobile app

The mobile app that allows you to track your nutrition, body composition progress, and workouts 

Personal video chat

Speak with me directly to discuss your goals, track progress, and to know that you are working with a trained professional that CARES about your firness goals