Off-Season Running Back & Linebacker    Training Program

Off-season training for High School Football is a must for improvement each year. This is the only time an athlete can develop STRENGTH, POWER, SPEED, and TECHNIQUE while improving athlete's strengths and eliminating their weaknesses both physically and mentally. 

Warning! Extreme confidence is a side effect! 


Acceleration & Speed Development 

Next Level Quickness

Stop On The Dime Agility 

Run All Day Conditioning 

Off Day Training Program W/ My Training Phone App

Present & Post Video Evaluations on Lifts & Movement Mechanics

Small group personal coaching

3 available spots only!

Athletes get the personal touch of personal coaching with the high energy of group training

nutrition guidance

Athletes wil be educated on the importance of nutrition for athletic performance and health

16 weeks progressive overload  training

The program will be tailored to each athlete's strengths & weakness based on their evaluations for MAXIMUM improvement.


$200 a month/Per athlete*

Check program description in book services for further details

times, dates & location

Ages: 14-17

Start Date: 1/9/18

Tuesdays and Fridays


PowerWorks Fitness

347 Williams Lane

Chatham, IL